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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

This week’s Friday Freebie: Passage to Queen Mesentia

I’m thrilled to be giving away my supernatural mystery, Passage to Queen Mesentia. It’s actually my favorite out of all my stories. It was the first book where I used my state of Texas as the setting and was able to embrace Texas slang in the dialogue instead of having to watch out for it. …

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Frustration: a writer’s bff

A couple of weeks ago one of my writer friends found something that didn’t quite work in Ninja vs Pirates. I thought I was in the edit phase so this threw me off a little. I had to go back and not only rewrite but recreate… which is frustrating… which is good. What? Frustration is …

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Friday Freebie – Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale

Hi Friends, This Friday’s (April 20) Free Kindle eBook is, “Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale.” And I have decided to run it for free for 2 days. So it will be available through April 21st. More than 5 years ago I wrote the short story, Silverweed Muffins, which inspired the book. I have posted the …

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Video: Dean talks about children’s book, “Ninja vs Pirates”

So I’ve posted a few times about my upcoming children’s book, Ninja vs Pirates, which I wrote for my 8-year-old son, Dean.  The following is an excerpt from the acknowledgement page in the book that I think explains this project best: I would like to thank my smart and witty, 8-year-old son, Dean. If he …

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