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Free Ebook Friday: Jaclyn’s Ghost

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Today’s Free Kindle eBook is Jaclyn’s Ghost.

Jaclyn's Ghost

Jaclyn's Ghost by Dorlana Vann

Ghosts, Mystery, and Fashion. Can this diva solve her own murder, or will she be stuck in limbo forever?

Jaclyn’s Ghost by Dorlana Vann

Supernatural Mystery, Romantic Comedy, Clean Romance

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After recovering from the shock of seeing her own dead body, (still dressed to kill from last night’s party) fashion model, Jaclyn Jade, discovers she’s a ghost with a choice. She can either immediately go back to Hell, do nothing and stay in limbo, or find the reason she fell short of grace and advance to Heaven.

Because she was murdered, Jaclyn hopes that finding her killer will unravel this mystery. With the help of a timid closet-psychic who can speak to the dead, and a handsome, yet arrogant, ghost of a man from the roaring 20s, her search for answers initiates a quirky journey of self-discovery. Personalities, eras, and worlds collide as this mismatched trio race against time to solve the mystery of Jaclyn’s Ghost.

Read Chapter 1 – Another One Bites the Dust


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Free eBook Friday – Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale

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This week’s Friday freebie is Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale. It will be free all day Friday March 23, 2012  (Amazon Kindle edition) The link is for US – However it will be free on Amazon worldwide.

Werewolf,  Young Adult, Dark Fantasy inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time Granny was attacked by a werewolf. Eighteen years later her grandson, Aiden Young, arrives in Indiana for his aunt’s funeral, and his unfortunate discovery of the family secret leads to a fatal mistake. Before the weekend is over, he’s trapped by a blizzard along with his superstitious cousin, Diesel, and Scarlet, Diesel’s manipulative girlfriend. In his grandmother’s spooky, old house in the middle of the woods, the teen faces life and death decisions: who can be trusted, and who needs to be saved? However, he must first figure out what the true monster is… werewolf or fear. Because in this Little Red Riding Hood-inspired supernatural fairy tale, the roles of prey and predator become interchangeable.

You can read more about my inspirations for this book by following this link.

Read Chapter 1 here 


Ninja vs. Pirates photo shoot

Ninja vs. Pirates is a children’s book I’m writing for my son, Dean, and he’s the illustrator. (There is more info about how this project started on my About Dorlana page.) As the book has progressed, there have been changes, of course. Now, instead of it being entirely illustrated, there will also be photos. And guess who the model is!

The story is about twin brothers, one who says ninja are the best warriors, and the other brother claims that pirates are the best. The book is in three parts: Part I is from Riley’s (Dean’s middle name) point of view and will have the photos. Part II is from Richard’s (Dean’s best friend’s middle name) point of view and will have Dean’s drawings. And then Part III is actually from the mom’s point of view and will have illustrations and photos from other sources. This book is for an 8-year-old boy and has a lot of little boy humor – which, thankfully, he laughs at.

The pictures in this post are pre-edit, soon to be cropped, changed to black & white, etc.  All the clothes from the photo shoot are from Dean’s own costume collection. He doesn’t dress-up as much anymore, but he did go through a stage when he was three and wouldn’t leave the house without his pirate bandana. We had a lot of fun taking the pictures! In fact, this whole experience has been awesome.

Right now the book is still going through critiques/edits (thanks writer friends and family!) and formatting. But I have a deadline of before summer so Dean can show his book to his class. No pressure there. Hopefully, I will have the cover ready the end of the month. Unlike all of my other books, this one will be a paperback first, and then I will work on the eBook.

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Friday eBook Freebie: The Princes of Tangleforest

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Today’s (March 16, 2012) Friday Free Kindle eBook  is  The Princes of Tangleforest – Follow this link: Free eBook

The Princes of Tangleforest by Dorlana Vann

The Princes of Tangleforest by Dorlana Vann

Inspired by the classic fairy tale Rapunzel and sprinkled with the question: What if the school’s misfits discovered a way to use mind control in order to become the popular group?

Skater and reformed geek, Tanner Dobbs, soon learns that his new school, Tangleforest High, is ruled by the Princes. This group of brains used the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming to “persuade” the student body that intellectuals are cool, with an added bonus suggestion: “The Princes are the smartest and therefore the most popular.”

Julia Webster used to be part of the Princes’ crowd until they became obsessed and increasingly dangerous to themselves. Now she finds herself an outcast from her former “nerd” friends as well as the students who had ostracized her since elementary school. She’s worried when new kid, Tanner, is invited to join the Princes. She figures Tanner hides his smarts in order to fit in and worries that the popular status the Princes offer, even though geeky, might entice him.

When Tanner catches a glimpse of his golden-haired neighbor, Poppi, he thinks perhaps the Tangleforest community isn’t so terribly bad. But after climbing up to her window, he discovers she is locked in her bedroom by her wicked witch of a grandmother. Unfortunately, his only chance of saving the princess may be to become a nerd prince.

Be sure and check back every Friday this Spring (March, April, May)  for a Free eBook! Love and Laughter,Dorlana


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