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The Princes of Tangleforest by Dorlana Vann chapter 1

The Princes of Tanlgeforest by Dorlana Vann Chapter 1 Although the girly-girl-filled lunch table buzzed with excitement over the cute new guy with the mess of blond waves, Julia Webster tried to ignore him. Even if she hadn’t watched Tanner Dobbs ride up on his skateboard this morning, she would’ve guessed he was a skater—graphic …

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Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale by Dorlana Vann chapter 1

        Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale by Dorlana Vann Chapter 1 Once Upon A Time Aiden Young stared out the window of the rental car. His mom, Lucy, had described early fall in Indiana as spectacular, but they’d missed autumn altogether, and she’d failed to mention that the heart of winter was …

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Jaclyn’s Ghost by Dorlana Vann Chapter 1

Jaclyn’s Ghost By Dorlana Vann  Chapter 1 Another One Bites the Dust Jaclyn Jade felt the sensation of a trillion tiny needles prickling just beneath the surface of her skin. She opened her eyes to darkness. “Why am I standing on my bed?” Gradually, the tingling faded, but the overwhelming contentment made it difficult for …

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