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Rough Draft Diary Entry #3

June 15 – June 21

Not a lot of words written last week – but I feel I needed this time to get my thoughts together. So you can guess what my goal is for this week – type, type, type …

Trouble with Men Series book #3 – words written: 779

When I opened the file up on Tuesday I didn’t start writing, instead I went back to the very beginning and went over it – it helped to better describe my characters and to get in their heads from the very beginning again. So by the time I was finished for the day, I actually had three more scenes in my head. I also sent the first 2 chapter to my friend and critique partner (she’s read the first 2 books) – This was one of her comments: “There were several places that surprised a laugh out of me.” Which is awesome because I was worried about it being too heavy. Of course it wasn’t all sunshine, she also gave me some things to think about. So now I think I’m back on track (I really think taking a few days off of this book helped) – even though my word count is yuck.

YA Fairy Tale Inspired – words written: 1593

I finished the rough draft at 36713 words. It still has a long, long, long way to go  but it is plotted and down on paper after a very long journey of it being my backburner story. To me, the rough draft is the most difficult part of writing, so I’m actually looking forward to the second phase of the book. Since my word count isn’t going to be the most important aspect of the second draft, “words written” above will be changed to “time spent” on my next entry.

Love and Laughter,


Rough Draft Diary Entry #2

June 8 – June 14

As you see below, I kind of favored one book over the other last week.

Trouble with Men Series book #3 – words written: 807

Hopefully, I’ll get back to it sometime this week, but I have a final scene in the other book that I have to finish.

YA Fairy Tale Inspired – words written: 6,366

I’m on the final scene and hope to finish today or tomorrow – I ended up with a good word count even though I did a lot of cutting and starting over. At one point I cut 1800 words – yikes. So I’m at the end of this one – and yes it looks like the rough draft will be about 36000 words. But of course this is just the rough draft so it’s not final – So I don’t want to stop and work on the other just yet.

Love and Laughter,


Rough Draft Diary Entry #1

So I decided to work on the rough drafts of two books at the same time.  I do like being able to have another book to go to if I get stalled on the other – but they are so different that it’s a huge mindset change whenever I do go to the next book. This is how the first week went with each book.

Trouble with Men Series book #3 – words written May 31st – June 7th  – 3821

This one has been tough so far. It’s like pushing through wet cement. I have a few major scenes I am working towards, but I have no clear plan of how my characters are going to get there, so I’m really winging-it right now. I have to keep in mind that I can sort it all out better once I get my character’s interacting (I’m still getting to know them.) and something on the page. It is a lot easier for me to see what to change one there is something to change.

YA Fairy Tale Inspired – words written May 31st – June 7th3946

This is the story I’ve been working on for years – I wrote a post about it here – I already have about half of the rough draft finished. I don’t know if that is why this one is going smoother or not. I guess I do know my character’s a lot better and I know how it is going to end, etc. I was able to give a description of three chapters in advance so when I got to the next chapter, I already knew where I wanted the story to go. One problem that I do see is that this might not even be a 50k word story. Most of my YA fairy tale stories tend to end up 35-40k – so IDK but I’m hoping.

Love and Laughter,


Don’t Ignore your Inner Editor

(Writing advice I disagree with #1)

I believe NANOWRIMO made the advice to never go back and edit during your rough draft stage very popular. And, over the years, it seems to be one of the top items on everyone’s writing suggestions. Keep your focus forward – Don’t look back – Ignore your inner editor – Just get that word count!

A couple of days ago, I wrote the first 2011 words of my book. According to my progress graph (on the right side bar), I had completed 4% of my goal. But then I thought about where I needed this story to go. I’m not an outliner, but I do have major turning points/scenes of the book in my head. And the beginning that I had just written was not going to get me there. I had to go back and fix it.

I didn’t have to start at a blank page again, but I did have to rewrite a lot of it. And I probably rewrote at least 1500 words. But my word count didn’t go up that much. My new word count is 2394, which – according to the progress bar – is still 4%. No progress. But I disagree. If I would have pushed on, ignored my inner critic, I would have wasted a lot of time because my entire concept would have failed.

(Side Note – I have had success with the NaNo method. I wrote my two YA fairy tale inspired books this way. However, I have two other 50,000-word drafts that I haven’t touched because they are horrible messes. So for me, it worked half the time.)

So although you do have to have words to complete a novel, you can’t only judge your progress by your word count. And sometimes doing what is best for your book might not always agree with the advice of the masses.

Love and Laughter,


(More post on – Writing Advice I Disagree With – coming soon.)

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