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Dorlana Vann 2The inspirations for my books and short stories are fairy tales, the supernatural, and classic romantic comedies. I’m a long time fan of Anne Rice, I have a writer-crush on F. Scott Fitzgerald, and my all time favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’m a bit of a foodie and adore stories that have tie-ins to food (Books: Like Water for Chocolate & Garden Spells  – Movies: Julie and Julia & Chocolat my favorites.)

I’m a Texan. I’ve been married since I was 16 and my husband, Don, was 18. We have been together for almost 30 years. We have 3 kiddos who we are very proud of: a teacher, a graduate student, and a 5th grader. And our first grand-baby was born this year (2014)!

In no particular order, I like movies, summer, non-fiction, TX hold’em, strong coffee, restaurants, family time, cooking, giraffes, Birchbox, reality TV competitions, shopping, festivals, the beach, trying new beers, shoes, Mexican food, earrings, and chocolate cupcakes. Oh, and I love to write.

The inspirations for my books and short stories are fairy tales, the supernatural, and classic romantic comedies.

I hope you will take a look around the website/blog. Subscribe to receive updates on my upcoming (Summer release) romantic comedy : The Trouble with Snowmen (Book 1: Trouble with Men Series).

I welcome emails (dorlanasfairytales at gmail dot com) if you would like review copies, interviews, or if you just have a question or comment – I will get back to you. Check out my Amazon Author Page for all of my titles.

Love and Laughter,
Dorlana :)

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  1. I was searching for other speculative blogs with a fairy tale focus and I’m happy that I stumbled across yours! There aren’t enough romantic/comedy paranormal books out there, which is a pity, because the paranormal genre is ripe for humor. I’ll have a closer look around–I love reading and promoting books!


  2. Hi Janeen,
    I agree about the romantic/comedy paranormal books – Not only do I like to write them, I like to read them, too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. :)


  3. Great blog!… Just dropping by to tell you that I nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award (Pencils Version)~You can check it out at the end of this post: http://wp.me/p60vo-4gy
    Best wishes. Aquileana :D

    Liked by 1 person

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